Link Indexr – Does it Really Help Get your Backlinks Indexed?

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Link Indexr by Joshua Zomara is one of the “newer” link indexing services. It claims to help get you backlinks indexed in Google, but upon further investigation the only guarantee is that your links get CRAWLED which can be accompanied by simply pinging Google about your links. This of course is not beneficial and the only real way a link has value is if it is indexed, which is critical distinction. Pinging/crawling has been going on since 1998. Putting lipstick on a pig, and saying it’s a new tactic or product doesn’t make it so.

Directly from the Promotion page for Affiliates of Link Indexr

Link Indexr backlink indexing

Remember that phrase “no-brainer” as we’ll see it soon enough. Do you really believe there is going to be value in a monthly membership if clients can get lifetime access for one price? This would make the product unprofitable, which they would never allow. How much service can really be going on behind the scenes for your links, when a lifetime membership is available.

$20,000 in Prizes to attract others to promote this product/service. Are you helping fund someone’s cruise vacation or electric skateboard?

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The official sales page is filled with typical indexing hype, followed by a weak guarantee and some laughable customer reviews

Link Indexr review

 Who is Promoting Link Indexr?

Link Indexr Affiliate

The SEO community started to take notice and thrive under Backlinks Indexer as the undisputed leader and king of indexing and boosting backlinks in Google. It has been the #1 web based software for over 4 years with over 6 figures of infrastructure built to give the best chance of your links being INDEXED not just crawled. Why go with an unproven, new service that is giving away electric skateboards and exotic cruises. The service does have a monthly cost, but that’s because it does something every month for your links 24/7. No sneaky one time fee and rely on pinging or that you give up on the software.

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